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Best historical places Sharm el-Sheikh

Sunken ship Thistlegorm
Rating 10.0
Leisure, Story
Mount Sinai
Rating 9.4
Story, religion
old city of sharm el sheikh
Rating 7.7
Story, Streets, squares, viewpoints
Tutankhamun's Tomb Museum
Rating 6.7
Museums, Story
Papyrus Museum in Sharm El Sheikh
Rating 6.0
Museums, Shopping, Story
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Mount Sinai
The excursion is wonderful, who is ready for it! The pilgrimage should not be easy, although the tour is not so difficult, but ...2.800 meters in the dark, practically, there are flashlights, over stones...
 •  3 years ago
Mount Sinai
Very hard, but very beautiful. I do not recommend with children and people with at least some physical problems. Climbing the mountain takes more than 3 hours in complete darkness and cold. Then waiting...
 •  4 years ago
Sunken ship Thistlegorm
We recently rested in Egypt and were lucky to get to Thistlegorm, the emotions are simply indescribable! The beauty! The spirit was intercepted and this feeling did not lower throughout the entire excursion...
 •  5 years ago
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