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Very bad hotel. It's not worth going even for free.
The tour operator put us up in this hotel because the flight was postponed for a day. Location: in a dirty, wretched village, among ruins, tire shops, to the beach it takes 20 minutes to walk along the ROUTE, without pedestrian paths, cross the road through busy traffic - “Russian roulette”.
 •  2 months ago
Wonderful hotel
I really liked the hotel. The staff is attentive, complied with the request to settle higher. We lived in room 1303 on the 3rd floor, on the left, the view of the sea is not great, right there is a mountain with Buddha.
 •  1 year ago
worse still to be found
We ate at the hotel - the result was severe food poisoning for three days. You can ignore little things like a non-working coffee machine or broken tiles in the pool everywhere.
 •  1 year ago
I came to Thailand for the first time with my family, I liked the rest, the service and care at the hotel is not even bad, every day everything changed, cleaned, etc. The territory is very large, well-groomed, everything is green, one minus the furniture is already tired, and cosmetic repairs are re...
 •  1 year ago
I won't go again
We stayed in this hotel for 28 days. I think that all the "charms" have learned : ). Well, let's start with the positive: really good breakfasts (except drinks). Cleaned every day, bed linen changed every 3 days, also put 2 bottles of water.
 •  1 year ago
Not satisfied at all
I wish I could show you the video of the empty swimming pool. I wish I could show you the photo of the manager’s letter stating he would refund me within 15 business days.
 •  2 years ago
Old, worn out rooms, but the pools are good
I usually don’t write reviews, but since I couldn’t find any details before choosing a hotel, I decided to write. Stayed at this hotel for 11 days in January 2022. We arrived in the evening so we were seated right away.
 •  2 years ago
Perfect hotel
This hotel was suggested to us by a travel agent, at that time we had to pass tests upon arrival, then again after 7 days, there was such hemorrhoids with these tests as I remember, but it was worth it, the hotel is beautiful, located in the northern part, away from all the noisy parties, the location of the hotel is not very convenient, there are no shops nearby, only massage parlors and a lot of cafes, if you need Tesco Lotus stores or others, then you need to take a taxi for about 15 minutes, you need to take rooms on the 1st floor with access to the pool so cool, woke up in the morning, drank a cup of coffee and dived right into the buzz pool, the sea is immediately after the pool in 2 minutes, the water was like fresh milk, but plankton bit terribly, the body was terribly in bites, I had to tie the creams with bathing, it was not in Bangtao I was lucky with plankton, everything else was great, the room was cleaned perfectly, I don’t remember what breakfast was, in front of the hotel there were not bad massages, cafes and restaurants were so-so, I liked the hotel very much, just for relaxation from the bustle of the city, but I repeat just for relaxation, there is nothing nearby, it is exactly located in a deaf village for whom it matters, if you want you need to take a taxi to buy fruit or something else, although a lot may have changed there during this time, there were few tourists at that time, in general the hotel is worth the money, the people are wonderful, the room is ideal if it is on the 1st floor with access to the pool, at the hotel in a fish restaurant, dishes are not prepared tasty, in general, something like this
 •  1 year ago
Great hotel, good wifi, great breakfast, great staff
I chose a hotel with its own beach, for a relaxing holiday. I put 10 out of 10, I liked the location of the hotel, especially the beach, clear water, sand. I especially wanted to say about the staff, it's not the first time in Thailand, they are very friendly, friendly, it's so nice to reciprocate t...
 •  2 years ago
Boredom is mortal
Damn, guys, well, this is Anapa 2002. No service, Russians boiled like crayfish, no entertainment. There is a market nearby, yes. But inside the boarding house of power engineers, honestly.
 •  4 years ago
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