Great family hotel!

Written: 31 august 2021
Travel time: 20 — 28 july 2021
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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Rooms: 8.0
Service: 9.0
Cleanliness: 9.0
Food: 9.0
Amenities: 8.0
Rested with 2 children, everything is just super!
People, I read reviews and just the last hair on my head is moving, how bad and terrible everything is in this hotel!
If you want to have dust particles blown off of you for such ridiculous money, well, then you definitely need to go to Crimea or Odessa - it’s cheaper there !! ! (and that's not a fact)
So about the hotel - who wants to have a great rest with children, feel free to go and don't listen to anyone, the hotel is wonderful!!!
As it was with us - we arrived at 11-30 in the morning, we were immediately told that the hotel was 100% full, so do not try to "solve the issue" with a quick check-in, nothing will work. Excellent, we filled out the paperwork, changed into swimming trunks downstairs in the hammam, and at 12-00 we were already swimming in the sea. It is super - warm, transparent, affectionate)))

At 13-00 we went to have lunch, at 14-00 we came to the reception, took the keys to the room and went to look. The room is excellent, No. 1032, sea view from the balcony. If you go to bed early, then you need to cover the balcony door, because. music is audible, but quite bearable. During the day you swim in the sea so much that you fall asleep, no matter what )))
Food - for every taste! Fish, chicken, turkey, beef - every day, side dishes - for every taste, potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables, whatever your heart desires. There are queues, but not critical at all, I specifically noticed - to stand as much as 4 minutes in the longest queue. One moment - now, especially for the Slavs, they took cooks from the post-Soviet space into the kitchen, so the first courses include borscht, soup, noodles, mushroom soup - really very tasty. The only point is that Turkish women are standing on the tap, and they do not work very smartly, there were a little more queues. It’s not critical for us, we didn’t take first courses every day.
In general, to stay hungry - you need to try very hard.
Wine in the restaurant - we liked the white better! But, here already on the fan.
For little money, you can negotiate with the waiter and he will go to the bar for you for stronger drinks.
In the bars near the beach, hamburgers, fries, cola-fanta-sprite, and strong alcohol.
The beach - yes, if you want to lie in the first row, you need to get up early and go to borrow. It doesn’t matter to us at all, we were sitting in the sea)))), but there are enough free sunbeds, it is clear that they are not standing next to each other, but I didn’t see those sitting on towels.
The beach, sand and pebble, is normal to enter when you get out of the sea, after an hour of swimming it is not comfortable (the skin gets wet and the sensitivity increases), but not in the way they write here - which is just horror-horror (corals solve this problem, for those who is very bad). Children that flew into the water, that got out of the water - it's normal))))
Water slides are great! Every day we rode there for one hour, the rescuers are handsome, they strictly follow the order on them.
Children's animation is excellent, Mr. Gogo is handsome, the children are all delighted with him!
Internet - free only at the reception, paid - $ 2 per day.

Beach towels - $5 deposit per towel, you will get a receipt for the amount of your deposit, don't lose it!!!
Money for your towels is returned only if you have a receipt!!!
Ice cream - from 17 to 18, and only one variety on this day, but every day the varieties are different.
In general, do not pay attention to negative reviews, feel free to go here, for that kind of money - here you will have a great rest!
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