Average, definitely not for kids

Written: 24 may 2023
Travel time: 16 — 24 may 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday
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Rooms: 6.0
Service: 7.0
Cleanliness: 6.0
Food: 5.0
Amenities: 5.0
In general, I am satisfied with the rest.
Pros: the first line, the sea is nearby, clean, the staff is polite, the food is delicious, the sellers of everything do not bother much. Interesting evening program. Within walking distance of shopping centers.
1. pebble beach. Even with a small wave, it’s problematic to enter, only in calm and even then it’s not very comfortable, so it’s better not to come here with children or those who are overweight.
2. Extremely poor decoration of rooms - cabinet furniture made of chipboard, which for 15 years in Russia has been embarrassed to use even in government institutions (I attach a photo).
3. There is no forced exhaust in the bathroom, after taking a shower it is very humid, so the chipboard rots, there are traces of fungus on the walls of the bathroom (photo attached).

4. Animators don't overwork. During the game of volleyball, 1 time for all the time the girl whistled, but it would be better not to do this. Doesn't know the rules at all. I just liked to whistle. And since passions were running high at times, the arbitrator would not interfere.
Strong alcohol is diluted up to 30 degrees. Not that I'm a fan, but I allow a glass or another as an aperitif. Tried it once, never again. It's not tasty. Plus "this bar is paid, this is free, but until 19.... " in general, you can figure it out only if you really need it.
6. On the bus, the driver broke the suitcase, stuffing it with all his foolishness into the luggage compartment. Turned to the hotel guide - "the driver said - it was. " Although the whole process was under the camera of the hotel. "Your problems, negotiate yourself ... ".
7. In the dining room during peak hours, you can look for a place for about 10 minutes. Therefore, you need to adapt: ​ ​ for breakfast to open, for lunch and dinner - to close.
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