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Cultural and historical gastro-alco extreme tour

02 September 2023 Travel time: with 12 august 2023 on 11 September 2023
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"Because you don't have to do any other things" > and living is interesting: read books, be a spy, train em> beloved monkey, and goes to the opera with beautiful girls, get pleasure .

(Artist, Les Poderv'yansky)» .

Greetings, dear friends, like-minded people and travelers! I want to share my impressions of my husband and I's self-planned trip, which was very full of events and impressions. As you might have guessed from the title and epigraph, the tour was not boring. Quite unexpectedly for both of us, my husband was granted leave for 10 days in August. Unfortunately, lately we rarely have the opportunity to spend time together, because he is busy with men's work. And here are 10 days. Abroad, unfortunately, it is impossible, there is nowhere to go to the sea in Ukraine. Very, very sorry. But when fate gives you a lemon, you have to squeeze it... no, we didn't guess, we squeezed lemonade when life was peaceful.

And when you live in the territory of a tough border and hardly see a man, then you try to squeeze not lemonade out of these lemons, but at least rum.

I couldn't find ready-made interesting tours for our vacation dates, there were already few train tickets to the west. I had to improvise. We have never been to Transcarpathia, perhaps the time has come. I am planning a trip based on the available tickets. A certain route was drawn.

Furthermore, I add cultural-historical, religious, and architectural "points of interest" to the route. I know that on a long journey you want not only spiritual food, but also ordinary food, preferably very tasty and authentic, so I include iconic and ordinary restaurants in the route. Suddenly I find and add an extreme component. It sounds confusing, look, here's what it all came down to.

Cultural and historical gastro- alco extreme tour. Day 1: Kyiv.

"I thought it was your heart breaking" , and then your cigarette crackled.

 (Х/F "Behind two hares")".

Let's start our adventures.

Sumi-Kyiv, arrived in a comfortable compartment, the train arrived without delays. At 11:47, Kyiv greets with warmth and bustle. We buy ready-made meals for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch at "Puzatiya Khata". We leave things at the hotel, less than 15 minutes' walk from the station. The metro quickly takes you to Postova Ploshcha.

We climb the Volodymyr Hill to the Monument to Volodymyr the Great, which was erected back in 1853, from here the view of the capital is incredible.

We walk through the park, which was opened in the middle of the 19th century, located on Mykhailivska Gora (height 187.7 m). The park is very crowded, hundreds of Kyivites and guests admire the beauty of the capital. We pass through exhibitions and sales of artists and artists.

There are very beautiful and deep works. But now our destination is the cult restaurant "Behind two hares".

It is not without effort that we find the restaurant in the basement right under the hill on which St. Andrew's Church stands. It was in this place that the infamous wedding of Prony and Svyrid did not take place, very symbolically.

The restaurant is extremely atmospheric, the feeling is that you yourself become a participant in the comedic and dramatic events of the movie "Behind Two Hares". It was served very quickly: we tasted the tinctures of sausage and citron with lard, cucumbers and salad. For the main course, we ordered derunas with pike caviar and Kyiv-style cutlet with potatoes, and tried the original ice cream with acorns.

It is extremely tasty, it was hard to breathe after such a dinner.

But we are waiting for a walk along Andriyivsky Uzvoz.

Uzviz was greeted by old cozy manor houses, paintings and souvenirs. We buy tickets for the observation wheel to see the panorama of the city from a bird's eye view.

We took pity, let's move on. Unexpectedly, in one of the residential yards, we find a free exhibition of trophies. You must visit there. We make another stop in a cozy pub, and then drink coffee in a very atmospheric cafe located in a residential yard. There is also a stone shop-workshop.

But is it possible to walk around old Kyiv and not visit one of the most beautiful churches in Europe?

St. Andrew's Church - an Orthodox church in honor of Saint Andrew< /a> in baroque< /a>,  XVIII century. of world importance in Kyiv, built according to the project of an outstanding architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli

Next, we walk through Volodymyrska hill park to Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhi. Among the sanctuaries of Kyiv, Michael's Gold-Domed Cathedral occupies a special place, because it is dedicated to the warrior-defender of the city - Archstrategist Michael.

The history of the temple goes back to ancient times, and its beauty fascinates everyone without exception. In clear weather, the blue walls of the shrine merge with the sky, creating a unique and special atmosphere of comfort and peace.

After visiting one of the most beautiful places in our capital, we look at the disgusting broken enemy equipment that came to kill Ukrainians on their land. Behind the charred and mutilated trophies proudly rises the snow-white monument of the Grand Duchess Olga.

We have a dinner planned with friends, until which there is not enough time left. Therefore, we quickly walk to the street. Tolstogo, 13 to the "Gogi" restaurant. On the way we pass the "Golden Gate" museum. Suddenly we get a gift from the Kazakh brothers - a yurt of indomitability. Interesting thing.

Restaurant "Gogi" at 13 Tolstoy str. pleased with authentic Georgian cuisine, atmosphere and prices. I highly recommend.

We walk back to our hotel "Westend", str. Kudryashova 7.

A room with all amenities cost UAH 900. for two The room has almost everything you need, even slippers. Among the shortcomings - there was no refrigerator, it was hot and the light and sound insulation were weak. Among the pluses - cleanliness, price and location (up to 15 minutes on foot to the railway station).

Tomorrow the city of Leva awaits us.

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