Cultural-historical, gastro-alcoholic, extreme tour. Day 3: Lviv, transfer to Mukachevo.

04 September 2023 Travel time: with 12 august 2023 on 19 august 2023
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Cultural-historical, gastro-alco, extreme tour. Day 3: Lviv, transfer to Mukachevo.

"Let fate cunningly skin

Mocks day by day,

But as long as the beer foams -

To hell with me! »

Having slept badly due to noise and suffocation, we go to Rynok Square for breakfast. For breakfast, we chose the legendary "Medivnya" restaurant, which has been operating since 1979. We were tempted by "Hoppy breakfast" (eggs, vegetables and mead) and "Macron in Lviv" (omelet and vegetables). Breakfast was served in a small cozy courtyard. Everything here is imbued with the theme of honey, it even seems that the air has a sweet taste.

We collected things, handed over the number.

7 minutes from our hotel, we can find "Lvivarnia" - a modern museum complex dedicated to the origin and development of brewing. The museum is located next to the 1715 factory.

We bought tickets, took an audio guide and went on to enrich ourselves culturally and historically. I had no idea that a beer museum could contain so many exhibits. It seems we have learned everything about beer, from the ancient Sumerians and Egypt to the present day.

I really liked the interactive room: you seem to be in the middle of the beer production itself, from mixing the ingredients to bottling the finished drink. After the tour, we took tasting sets to taste the subject of our study.

Well, what can I say, comparing the taste of beer that has just been poured at the factory with bottled beer that has been on the shelf for several months is the same as comparing milk "from under the cow" with "packaged" milk.

We have time for lunch.

Market square again!

We visited the "Gyasova lamp" - a restaurant-museum, which has the second largest collection of kerosene lamps in Europe, which includes 528 specimens. A very interesting restaurant, there are also alchemical drinks. But unfortunately, it was very hot, and we went to look for another establishment.

We found "The Fifth Dungeon" - this is a medieval restaurant that welcomes its guests in the very heart of Lviv, on Rynok Square. The institution is located in the dungeons of the old tenement house of the 16th century. The restaurant has 5 thematic halls, each with its own curiosity - "Sword of the Chosen", "Free Throne" and "Dragon of Greed". The crown dish is meat on stakes, which is served in clay pots with a special chimney and hot coals.

But we don't have time to wait anymore. Having chosen vegetables and bread, we have a quick lunch.

We hurry to the railway station. Like almost everything in the Galician capital, this place has a very interesting history. On November 4.1861, the first train arrived from Vienna to Lviv. This marked the beginning of railway traffic on the territory of modern Ukraine.

We get into our "Intercity" 2nd class (1st class is not provided), in a stifling, full of people car, we move across the Carpathians to Mukachevo. Only the incredibly beautiful scenery outside the window helped to endure the uncomfortable travel conditions.

We arrived late in Mukachevo, had dinner in a decent pizzeria "Colosseum" and tried the national Transcarpathian drink palinochka.

This is a fruit vodka that has many varieties (plum, pear, peach, apple, apricot, grape, walnut and other fruits), I advise you to try it for a deeper understanding of the cheerful and open soul of Transcarpathian residents. After dinner, we stopped for the night in the mini-hotel "Free Rooms".

Next will be...

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