Cultural and historical gastro-alco extreme tour. Day 7: Mukachevo again. Palanok Castle

07 September 2023 Travel time: with 12 august 2023 on 19 august 2023
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We return to Mukachevo.

Let's drop by for a tasting of dumplings at "Kraftova pelmenna", located in the very center near the Town Hall. Incredibly delicious.

And we need a lot of energy to visit the symbol and cradle of Mukachevo - Palanok Castle, which towers majestically above the city. There is a minibus from the center every 20 minutes, the journey also takes 20 minutes.

Palanok Castle is the heart of Mukachevo. The city itself was built together with the castle and around it. It is built on a mountain of volcanic origin, 68 m high and has an area of ​ ​.1, 930 square meters. m. The exact period of construction is unknown, but there are references to it in separate documents, which are dated to the 11th century.

It is a unique example of medieval fortification architecture, which has a combination of different styles, Palanok Castle is an architectural monument of national importance.

In the Mukachevo Castle, tourists can see the restored medieval fortification architecture, ancient courtyards and galleries with exhibitions of modern sculpture. There are also expositions of the historical museum, which are located in the halls of the Upper Castle. Rare items from the Stone and Copper-Bronze Ages, weapons and iron tools found during archaeological excavations in Transcarpathia are on display, including the weapons of the castle defenders. Ethnography and daily life of residents of Mukachevo and the region are widely presented.

And in the art gallery of the museum, canvases of outstanding painters of Transcarpathia of the last century, a collection of icons of the 16th-19th centuries are exhibited.

, an exhibition of modern paintings by Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Polish masters was opened.

Of course, the castle is shrouded in legends.

The very name of the castle has a legendary origin. Around the castle hill as early as the 16th century. a water ditch was dug, which was filled with water from the Latoritsa River. In the 17th century the moat was fortified with an oak palisade - palanquin. Therefore, the name "Palanok" has been preserved to this day, although the moat and palisade itself have long been destroyed.

Having admired the castle to our heart's content, we checked into the Zlata Praha hotel, tired but satisfied. On the way, we buy "souvenirs" in the branded store "Tysa". Dinner awaits at the legendary restaurant with the mysterious name "Bograch".

Guess what we ordered there? True.

Bograch was extremely tasty, and the presentation was original.

Ordered salads, nothing special. In general, salads are not a strong point of Transcarpathian cuisine. But the main dish turned out to be simply amazing in taste - a huge rump stuffed with meat and mushrooms. I highly recommend tasting it.

Cultural-historicalhistorical gastro-alco, extreme tour. Day 8: Mukachevo - Kyiv. Return to Sumy.

The train to Mukachevo arrived more than 3 hours late, and it ruined all our plans. It turned out that this is a sad norm for this train, wagons arriving from Europe cling to it, and delays due to customs clearance happen very often. 10 wagons full of people in Ukraine are waiting for hours for 2 wagons from abroad.

We didn't catch the last bus to Sumy. Traffic is limited due to the curfew.

You will either have to spend the night in Kyiv, or...Unexpectedly, the "Ukrzaliznytsia" application offered an alternative solution. There are 2 tickets in the "Lux" carriage for 3:00 p. m.

We leave our things at the station and go for a walk around Kyiv for the second time. We admire the evening Khreschatyk and the Maidan.

We decided to find Lviv's "Drunken Cherry" in Kyiv. The institution has already deployed a whole network in Ukraine and in some European countries. They found that Kyiv Vyshnya is no different from Lviv, it is just as drunk. They remembered Lviv for taste.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants nearby. We chose a cozy restaurant of Georgian cuisine "Georgia" for dinner. Prices are higher than Gogi, but very tasty.

The salad is traditional Georgian, and the khinkali are huge, juicy and incredible in taste.

We return to the station through the Arch of Liberty. On the bridge we listen to a very powerful performance of Ukrainian songs. Without delay, at 3 o'clock in the morning, we go home.

So our vacation flew by like a moment. To be honest, due to the lack of time, the trip was very busy. During this week, we discovered and studied the incomparable places of our Motherland, met very interesting people, got to know the peculiarities of different regions from a geographical, historical, cultural and culinary point of view. The pedometer showed 10-12 km traveled every day, 10-12 km of beauty and adventure. Ukraine is incredible and impressive, it is worth fighting for and winning!

I hope our experience will be useful to someone. There will be questions, write, I will definitely answer.

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