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Cultural and historical gastro-alco extreme tour
"Because you don't have to do any other things" > and living is interesting: read books, be a spy, train em> beloved monkey, and goes to the opera with beautiful girls, get pleasure .
 •  8 months ago
Cultural and historical gastro-alco extreme tour. Day 7: Mukachevo again. Palanok Castle
We return to Mukachevo. Let's drop by for a tasting of dumplings at "Kraftova pelmenna", located in the very center near the Town Hall. Incredibly delicious. And we need a lot of energy to visit the symbol and cradle of Mukachevo - Palanok Castle, which towers majestically above the city.
 •  7 months ago
Cultural and historical gastro-alco extreme tour. Day 4-6: Transcarpathia. Mukachevo – Berehove – Koson.
"In a blooming, fragrant valley, Where Latoritsi waters are blue, Became in beauty solemnly Ancient and modern city (Mykhailo Shushkevich)" Mukachevo is a very cozy medieval European town on the Latoritsa River with a rich history, culture and architecture.
 •  7 months ago
Cultural-historical, gastro-alcoholic, extreme tour. Day 3: Lviv, transfer to Mukachevo.
Cultural-historical, gastro-alco, extreme tour. Day 3: Lviv, transfer to Mukachevo. "Let fate cunningly skin Mocks day by day, But as long as the beer foams - To hell with me!
 •  8 months ago
Cultural-historical, gastro-alcoholic extreme tour. Day 2: Lviv.
«Lviv lights up again. The alley under the cafe window sleeps. Flicker, the lights don't go out. Yes, only they are beautiful at this time. (Oksana Kryshtaleva)" Lviv greeted us with bright sun and unexpected heat.
 •  8 months ago
Impressive landscapes and places of interest in Ukraine
We spent a long time deciding where to go as a family and it is useful to spend a vacation in Ukraine with pleasure. We always try to combine active recreation with beach recreation, we love swimming, tanning, spending time in nature, mountain walks, fresh air, we are interested in important medieva...
 •  11 months ago
Trostyanets 2022
I haven’t written about other places for a long time and didn’t have the time and didn’t have the desire, and I didn’t write in the “language” for a long time. This essay is for those who came to my country to "liberate" in their "language".
 •  1 year ago
Christmas Express in Kyiv!
Today at 13:28 we saw the departure of a real steam locomotive for the first time in our lives! We already had attempts to get on steam locomotives in a couple of countries, but they did not match either in terms of dates or along the route.
 •  2 years ago
From black to white
How many times have I put it off until tomorrow, next weekend, until the holidays. How many times have I looked for an excuse to postpone, or maybe not postpone. And people got into business while people were working, and I was not assigned a person to eat me coffee and tell local tales, or r...
 •  2 years ago
Lyubech and its unsolved mysteries
The fact that we were lucky enough to get into this ancient Slavic city by chance is a great success for us, an unexpected adventure, a wonderful discovery. We did not expect anything like this at all, and the events of this day amazed us so much that I simply have to share them with you as soon as...
 •  3 years ago
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