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Everything is very nice!
I have been resting in this hotel for many years. As always, everything is fine. The food is very tasty and varied, refined. The spa works almost 24 hours a day without technical breaks like in other hotels!
 •  3 weeks ago
A cozy mini hotel with a nice restaurant
Having long been familiar with Dvoryk Leva as the best pizzeria in Truskavets, they have now discovered a wonderful mini hotel and a cozy restaurant. The location is in the center, near the train station without having to jump up and down.
 •  1 month ago
I do not recommend and ask everyone who wants to go to this hotel not to even consider this option! Fraudsters, rude people, irresponsible people who work there brazenly extort money, pretending to be an "elite" hotel.
 •  2 months ago
They lived in the 202 Lux room for a week. The hotel is tired. The ceiling between the floors is wooden, the floor creaks like snow in winter. Inter-room noise isolation is poor.
 •  4 months ago
"fresh air"
All the good things that can be said about the hotel are leveled by the only horror, which is the nearby boiler room, which works around the clock and has no filters. Apparently, the hotel owners do not know what aspiration is.
 •  5 months ago
Thanks for the spoiled vacation.
I just left this "wonderful" vacation spot and my emotions are running high. In 5 days, they came to terms with everything, with the stench near the dining room, with the room with shabby furniture, with the dirt that is everywhere.
 •  6 months ago
All liked it
Before arriving, I read some disgusting reviews about the hotel, and went with the children in preparation for the worst. But! I was pleasantly surprised at every point. The location of the hotel is convenient, close to the pump room.
 •  6 months ago
Too bad all kinds of services before accommodation
Too bad all kinds of services before accommodation From a person they decided to improve their health on their own head. I'll do it in order Eating products are not fresh, oversalted, they didn’t realize how hard it was to bake all the hour Accommodation is a "unique phenomenon" all scho rob in pri...
 •  5 months ago
nice hotel
now resting in Geneva. Nice clean room. Great SPA - many pools and jacuzzis, different saunas with aroma, pool and jacuzzi outside with sunbeds. Healthy tasty food. Friendly staff.
 •  7 months ago
I booked this hotel through the PP "Zahid Kurort", I got everything from Andrian, everyone said it was wonderful. The day before the departure, I read nasty reviews and wanted to change the hotel, Andrian asked me to come and marvel at myself, because competitors write reviews.
 •  7 months ago
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