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19 October 2021 Travel time: with 18 October 2021 on 20 October 2021
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How many times have I put it off until tomorrow, next weekend, until the holidays. How many times have I looked for an excuse to postpone, or maybe not postpone. And people got into business while people were working, and I was not assigned a person to eat me coffee and tell local tales, or rather I refused to do so, to be exact. for lunch (in a cafe) "lean borsch" and "pumpkin porridge" (but everything is fine). Because, as they say, "the stars have come together", and in my hands came the time when there was a free hour and I decided to see the town.

But first ...

...who is not interested can google himself or just find out what kind of art object, and not read about the marches around him.

Well, of course we are in business in Bilopillya (this is for those who have learned the object or googled).

A small quiet provincial town according to one expression from the "White Sun of the Desert" strong> ? ! ! "(And the cost of housing does not scare the house of 350 square meters on two floors plus a piece of land of 0.3 hectares can be purchased in the area of ​ ​ ​ †‹15-20 thousand $). But that is not the subject of this post ...

Well, that's all "people are drawn, horses are drunk" (c) or vice versa. So everyone at work, one I'm a lollipop. And here is this hour and went for a walk through the city, more precisely the center, because if the locals hear "went to the city", it means that the person went to the central part of the city. So did I drown. The benefit of walking was 5 minutes.

Well, of course, this is the town where Malevich spent several childhood years, and not just passed ...

but most likely two famous Ukrainian sexes probably went together to the small river called Vir, not only to swim in summer, but also to ride on x understand what I do), so I say about Malevich and Alexander Oles, because these people are not only peers (the difference in age is only about three months), they lived next to each other at a distance of 100 meters from the house, especially the current one, where the mayor is not only a historian by profession, but walls on the "pedestrian" lined with bricks of different times

and the interior walls in the photos of the old hours, but unfortunately I did not get there, because it was being repaired, as the house was transferred to the pension fund, and the mayor's office itself "moved" to the building of the former RSA. If the house of which stands on the site of the former house of O.

Olesya has a memorial plaque, there is nothing alive about Malevich (this is probably a fate for Malevich, there are no plaques in Buryn or Konotop and there are no indications as to whether she will find those places). And so in that photo, everyone has already understood that the "White Cross on a gray background. " Well, everything is over with Malevich.

Now let's follow the monument that is still a monument from the Soviet era.

And the locals just say "old park" ...

View from the so-called" observation deck "

...where for many it is a favorite place, especially for lovers of landscapes. Well, put a place on the type for "lovers".

But how not to immortalize yourself, and not only the one who gave sins on that bench, but also someone from the local aborigines, who also worked with sakura. be the beauty of spring.

Here is the church ...

in the bench of which the future genius began his way, if the premises of the church bench of those times, the temple buildings in the early 90's on human money, in general in my opinion Ukrainians are they obtained, once probably to real events and legends and in the same Bilopilli is a temple built by one man, or rather at her expense, but also a different story. And here is the stone on which it was once written that the temple was built on the site destroyed by the Soviet authorities (this is a good example of how everything was "good" in Soviet times, I'm just talking about the quality of the product since 1990).

And then there is the pantheon. First there is Stella dedicated to those who fought against the "peaceful atom" ...

...then the Monument to the Victims of the Current War ...

...and a little further in the depths of the monument to the victims of the Holodomor.

And then there are the small architectural forms (which, apart from food, attract me the most in travel). Here the locals call the Cossack "Homa" or "Homa immortal" there are different fables, if you have to retell everything to publish a book.

It is next to | from | Arch | under | built in 1953 (they say from the brick of the temple) and destructive in the 70's, so they say how to stand under the arch and make a wish, the Mother of God will help it come true.

And then as I call "Chinese pagoda" or "Chinese gazebo":

I didn't do any more because there were people working there who carried out repair or renovation works, all as usual funds are spent at the end of the year, which is a replica of the one near the Kukolov-Yasnopolsky estate in Kuyanivka, a gazebo ". dear gentlemen.

Well, what about without Shevchenko ...

The photos on it end because the phone is shouting "master, we can't get home".

Well, a little more text.

There are no problems to get to Bilopillya by car or train, in the center of the bus station buses go to Sumy or from Sumy, every 20-30 minutes. By train, too, is not a problem to go because near m.

Divination, if you leave Kyiv, it is better to get up in Vorozhba, because all trains stop there (after all, "the hub station since Soviet times"), in contrast to Bilopillya, and there are no problems to get there by bus №3 about once every half hour, or take taxi by "local" standards will not be cheap somewhere 150 UAH. , because they will take it as a long-distance trip.

Locals use either ecological transport as they say "big" there 4 km somewhere along the route, or those who live at the end of the city Vorozhba, there is a neighborhood pass 100 or 200 m on foot to the last house of Bilopillya and call a taxi and it already costs from 70 hryvnias And there are those who save 5 or 10 UAH on a trip to Sumy, they go to a separate place and "catch" a trip or bus.

Now about food, about what I wrote before. So the price of cheap food for the first course starts from UAH 23. (I'm talking about the place where we had lunch). I flipped through the menu while they brought us food.

Well, of course, our special order was prepared for us, and took from us on "human". So the axis is probably porridge (sweet) from the pumpkin probably does not surprise anyone.

And from Borsch with canned food "Bark in tomato" probably not everyone ate, as for me a good dish. As the locals call "lean borsch" because you can cook with fish, you can cook with summer fish, but weighing that cooking fish is not 2 minutes, canned food is taken, and borsch with fish there all depends on the village where the dishes are served, the Ruthenians borsch, Hungarians have ears with pike) and in the Cherkasy region in the Kaniv district, that borsch with dried crucian carp. Here I do not understand locals why not to publicize the city "lean borscht".

Well |

And so there are enough places to eat or drink coffee, coffee starts from UAH 8 per cup. Pies from 4.5 hryvnias. Therefore, a day trip for food will not be expensive.

What to see in addition to the above, another museum O.

Olesya (a small room in the library on the second floor), near 200 meters in the education department of the museum, someone who is often mentioned by those who went on a difficult path of teaching. The same is true of Makarenko, because this man is from this city. And of course the TV tower, as without it, especially in the evening when it is in the "red lights". Bilopillya itself will take a maximum of 3 hours. Therefore, it is better to unite with the outside world in Vorozhba to see the railway station, because as much as there is a railway, so much of the station, if you do not take into account that the wooden rebuilt near the stones, but all preserved. In Shkurativka, see the "Fly Miracle" or the scientific - arboretum. Why it's worth a look. There are rare plants such as metasequoia or ginkgo biloba.

Then drive to the village of Ryzhivka, there are places where the border passes directly through the houses.

It is not surprising that, for example, people get gas from Ukraine and electricity from Russia. The fact that the house is in one country and the toilet is in another does not surprise me because I saw it in Milovo. But those who want to see this need to hurry, because next year the state must hand over part of the territory to border guards. If you want to see the surrounding places, it is better to go with a local (do not skimp on vodka and a bonus for a person) because the first will be a good guide, and border guards will not stop so often, because Bilopil region is a border area. Bilopillya itself does not fall into the 10 km zone to constantly go with documents, but the villages and nature are such. Therefore, it is better to take paper documents (because I think not all outfits are equipped with reading devices yet, and to go to the city to check is to spend an hour).

Here you can look so short and inexpensive.

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