The hotel is losing its appeal

Written: 25 march 2023
Travel time: 15 — 25 march 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Rooms: 10.0
Service: 7.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 3.0
Amenities: 5.0
The hotel is not bad. But if you compare years earlier (there were 4 and 5 years ago), this is not included, but what comparisons. The rooms are good, the cleaning is good, the staff also have no complaints. In the room and the figurines will wind up and even without a tip (it's very nice) thanks. We lived in the main building, so entertainment events do not allow to rest before 23:00. Previously, they lived in the same building (5 years ago) there was no such noise). After the renovation of the rooms, the doors on the balcony probably do not close tightly, so it is not possible to sleep earlier than 23:00. The animation is good, they don’t let you get bored: exercises, and zumba, Latin American, belly dance and especially aqua aerobics are just super, and their “bomb” dance, which ignites everyone, is GREAT. Well done. Food is a separate issue: before there were fewer restaurants and food was better (there was a good choice), but now it's the other way around. They made more restaurants, but there is nothing to choose from. Of course, you won't go hungry.
And of course the SEA is super, everything is just as beautiful, affectionate and warm in the month of March in the afternoon.
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