The hotel is good but I was confused by the attitude

Written: 25 march 2023
Travel time: 22 march — 21 april 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
I arrived in the morning at 8.00, filled out the documents . . there were no people at all.
I was surprised that I was asked to wait until 14.00, because the room was not ready.
I think okay.
At the front desk they asked me to come at 11.00 to give out a brolet?? ? ? no one offered to go to breakfast while allegedly waiting for a room....
I had to sit on sunbeds until 11.00 (((
First time like this. usually with an early arrival, they offered to go for breakfast, when I always returned, the room was ready without any problems.
Well, in general, I arrived at 11.00, they finally gave me a brolet, and the room was ready.
Settled on the second floor, already hell knows where.
I didn't have any neighbors either.

I just don't understand why that is.
It certainly spoiled the mood...
I chose this hotel based on the recommendations of my tour operator.
Although I always rested before, in hotels of the Sulta, Sunrise, Juzz,
I didn't like the attitude.

Further, the room itself, although the hell knows where not the sun, not flowers, and across the road the airport is always noisy, it was quite clean.
The food is good, the area is beautiful,...
But this attitude spoiled everything. there are really few people, and even the next morning, I go to the gym early. watching the picture it was 7.30 in the morning a couple arrived, who were immediately settled, dragged their suitcases, first floor, garden, pool view. Well, this can't be disappointing.
Maybe I don’t understand something, maybe I should have given money. tell me what's funny.? ? ?
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