Taxi and electronics store

20 June 2021 Travel time: with 11 June 2021 on 18 June 2021
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Since the hotel (old age) music is poor, include Celine Dion and Michael Jackson - taking a taxi to buy a cable, iPhone - remote control. Taking a taxi for 25 pounds. Arrived. I give the taxi driver 105 to make it convenient to surrender. The taxi driver takes 105 and does nothing, waiting for me to leave. I had to explain that I was right and I'm waiting for delivery. In the electronics store, having typed the goods for $ 30, the seller confirmed that $ 30. I give a bill of 50 euros. In return, the seller gives a deposit of 20 € euros. I had to explain that I can count. In 5 minutes giving delivery of $ 30. Arriving home. The cable does not work, immediately broke. Egypt is such an epiped ...The sea is beautiful.

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