Actual problems of sustainable development of the recreational zone of the Sinai Peninsula in the context of a pandemic

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Reptiles and good people die,

Sick people and doctors die,

Cats die, mice die,

Worms are dying in a pile of shit. . .

(Agatha Christie)

In the lightIn the darkness of recent events, I hear more and more clearly the formidable "Memento Mori! ". And if so, then there is a need to make an urgent upgrade of the soul, so that, having appeared before the Creator, not to lose face. After all, a person is not just mortal, but often suddenly mortal, as the negative character of a well-known work rightly noted. The main thing is to catch up before...

And the measures were taken by me. I urgently got rid of a couple of serious sins, and took up sins and sins. But hands never reached drunkenness.

When I returned from Montenegro, I realized that it was impossible to live like this any longer. And she stopped drinking. At all. But Vadik was not ready for such a cardinal decision and drank alone. I felt that this was not possible either, and came up with a compromise solution. It is clear that these are the machinations of the same negative character, and I just succumbed to him, for the umpteenth time. But, I hope this is temporary, and I will have time to fix everything.

Hand on my heart, I was aware that I backed down not because of Vadik, but because of my beloved. How can I go to Egypt and not give myself up to the general bacchanalia? Still, all-inclusive is a diabolical invention. You have to connect with him. But not now…

We're on our way. In the usual composition. Me, Vadik and Verka (where would we be without her). The tour was purchased 2 weeks before departure. I was a little late and had to choose the best of the worst, since the normal hotels were already in the stack. The lot fell on the Hilton Sharks Bay. 7 nights for two cost Vadik and me 26 kopecks thousand hryvnia. Verke, respectively, is more expensive, since there are no singles in Sharm. Probably.

There you go. Having paid for the tour, Verka and I left the TA and, pleased with ourselves, went for a short walk. On the way, quite by chance, we met Verkina's girlfriend Nadya. We stopped to chat. I asked my friend why she was not going with Verka? So no one offered! I looked at the aforementioned Verka in surprise. She shrugged. Some funny!

I, almost by force, dragged both of them back to the TA and demanded that Nadezhda be added to Vera. Let them babysit each other and don't fool Vadik and me. And Verke will be cheaper. The tour, however, over the past hour, has already risen in price by a thousand. But, all the same, Verka remained only a winner. Vadik and I, firstly, swim for a long time, and secondly, we are going again to the mountain of Moses. So, I thought that I was providing a service to both of them, since Nadia had not yet been abroad, and this was her first trip.

Arriving at the airport in Zaporozhye, Vera, Nadezhda and not Love in my face, immediately went to the dutik. We purchased four bottles of champagne. Two for now, and two for later - to wash the initiation into tourists upon Nadino's arrival. They bought Vadik a bottle of rum. We asked the saleswomen to put two shampoos in the refrigerator. True, we could not wait long and took one away a few minutes later.

In three orphan plastic glasses, prudently picked up by us to drink hotel beer from them, a bottle of champagne was simply lost. We carelessly placed the empty container on the floor next to the chair. But we didn’t have time to properly kick, a guard grew up in front of us and asked who told us that we can drink here? Pointing his finger at the empty bottle, he ordered it to be removed in a menacing voice. Gone.

No, but what? Nowhere is it written that no way? If it is forbidden on an airplane, it is clearly stated in the matyukalnik. But we didn't argue. Threw the bottle in the trash and continued to disturb the riots. After emptying the glasses, we went to the refrigerator for the second portion. The saleswoman scolded us, why are we so sloppy! They can also draw up a protocol! Smiling guiltily, we promised to be more careful in the future.

We wrapped the bottle in a bag and went with it to the toilet. Having closed with Nadia in a booth and giggling stupidly, they poured champagne. I, with my glass at the ready, went for Verka, and Nadya remained waiting for her, holding the other two in her hands. Vadik, like a decent one, drank from his throat, wrapping the bottle in a bag. No, drinking, after all, is harmful! But fun.

In the last story, I complained that I had never seen the Dneproges from the porthole. This time it worked.

I also saw Ras Mohammed from above. I recognized it by the stone blocks in the form of gates.

It seems that there were no problems, but we were transported at the airport for an hour and a half.

But we were brought to the hotel first, since it is located very close.

At the reception, a girl of Slavic appearance asked if we wanted to live nearby? We want. At least not far from each other. (Oh! Be careful what you wish for! )

The girl brought me and Nadia to a two-room suite, not far from the reception, next to the canteen, near which something was already being fried. She asked if the room suits us? At first glance, everything was fine. Small hallway, two rooms, two minibars, two plasma TVs. There was only one bathroom. Big but alone. But with a jacuzzi. This jacuzzi was brainwashing me. I looked questioningly at Nadia. But what was she to look at? In her forty-six years she has been, at best, in Berdyansk. Verka had to be taken with him for inspection. But that one had a wild headache, either from the shampoo, or from the flight. Or from their totality.

Well, in short! Going to see other rooms was scrapped. We take!

The girl, overjoyed that we managed to get us a sucky (as it turned out later) number, quickly surrounded us and gave us two key cards. And there were also only two cards for beach towels. The girl somehow explained the reason for the shortage, but I did not listen. I asked when can I get them? In the morning. Well, okay.

Having picked up the porter, we went to our apartments.

After laying out some junk, we found that there were only two sets of bath towels, as well as chairs near the room. What is this, a double room? Not bad, however! But there are four of us! I went to the reception desk to demand satisfaction. They promised to report everything immediately. They did not deceive.

As soon as we settled in, it was dinner time. There were wild queues in the canteen. Verka refused dinner, she was so unwell. Yes, and I, to confess, got sick of eating, while they got behind all the dishes. I had to force myself. We spent almost an hour eating. Since we left Mariupol still dark, the day turned out to be long. All you have to do is crawl into bed.

There was a whiff of sewerage in the room. Turned off the condor. The stench has stopped. They fell asleep watching TV. The board refused to work. The batteries were dented. Apparently, someone gnawed them, trying to make them work. I fiddled with my finger, rotating them around the axis. It worked.

Tried to fall asleep to the cheerful Aram Tsam Tsam from the main pool around the corner. Well, they promised that there is a quiet corner of the hotel! Somehow managed to disconnect.

I woke up before dawn and dragged Vadik to meet the sun.

Surprisingly, the beach was already quite crowded! Taking pictures of the dawn, I noticed that people did not come here at all for beautiful photos (which, I must say, were so-so). Their target was beds sunbeds. Looking around, I saw that all the trump cards were already covered with towels or whatever. Leaving Vadik to guard four sunbeds, I rushed to the room to get this very thing, because we didn’t have towels yet, and the booth for issuing them will open only at 8.00. Taking a couple of pareos from my friends, I returned to the beach and marked our sunbathing area. Yeah! I've seen it, but I haven't seen it yet!

And I have never seen such queues in the canteen! Darkness! It's good that there were four of us, and we took turns where we could. You have to somehow adapt to the circumstances!

Verka read on the Internet that Hurghada and Mars were flooded with rain. Figase! Thank God we didn't see anything like that. And I almost bought Marsa, but at the last moment I changed my mind.

At 9.30 a meeting was scheduled with a hotel guide bearing the proud football name Zidane. Yes, and FIG knows where - at the reception of the second line of the hotel. It was probably possible not to go, but you never know what? We decided to go.

In the meantime, we swam with Vadik to inspect the local reef, to the left of the hotel, towards Melton. The water was not particularly warm and not particularly clear, the reef was not particularly colorful, and the fish were not very diverse. Or maybe it's just that I'm not that enthusiastic in life. Last year, the reef was prettier, and the water was warmer wetter, and there were no queues at the canteen. And there were three empty sunbeds per brother. And the pool area is completely empty. In short, Galya is spoiled.

We didn't make it to Melton - Vadik was cold, and it was time to run to meet the guide.

They came running late. There were many people. It could have been mowed down, and no one would have noticed. Maybe. We filled out a questionnaire, where we refused expensive guide excursions and signed that we remove any responsibility from Zidane. Maybe in vain. But they signed.

Last year I took excursions from the Nil Voyage company, and this year I decided to try out the services of another company - Quest. The reason for the choice was the report irinka_gladiolus

They traveled from this firm to a canyon with fresh water. Having visited Egypt 6 times already, I have never heard of such a thing. Of course, there is a possibility that the water was specially let into the canyon for tourists. It will become of them. But it would be interesting to see.

By scrolling through the list of quest excursions, https://kvest-voyage. com. ua/egypt/sharm, seduced by photos of the white island. On a VIP yacht. For 29 bucks. The excursion was called “VIP YACHT WHITE ISLAND AND RAS MOHAMMED RESERVE”. We have never sailed on a yacht in Egypt.

And again, for some reason, I wanted to go to the mountain of Moses. If we were going for more than 7 nights, we would have time everywhere. And so, it is not advisable to take more than two excursions. After conferring with Vadik, they decided to prefer the yacht to the lake. Mount Moses is beyond competition. And the lake will wait.

The girls were also tempted by the yacht and took more quadricycles for a snack at sunset. One for two. I remember this joke. On the very first visit to Egypt, my daughter and I took a similar excursion. You can read about this in my ancient story

For those who are too lazy or not interested in reading the story in full, I will write an excerpt:

“…Again we line up in a column and go. It's been dark for a long time. Since there is a lot of dust from the front, we try to drive a little to the side. But then strange things start to happen. When I press the gas, the headlight goes out, let go - it lights up again. In a joke! At first we tried to go without a headlight, focusing on the lights of the column, but without light you can’t go far. In short, everyone left, but we stayed. At night. In the middle of the desert But for some reason I don’t remember the feeling of panic. Maybe sclerosis? Nevertheless, we moved at a snail's pace, approximately in the direction where the column had disappeared. Or did it seem to us that in that one? Darkness is impenetrable. And then there were two lights ahead. They were fast approaching. They came back for us! We are saved! Three good fellows of Egyptian nationality arrived on two quadricycles. Having found out what was the matter, they ordered us to change seats - me with one guy, and my daughter with another. The third sat on our miracle of technology. In general, we were delivered to the base safe and sound. True, the second quadricycle with my child on board periodically disappeared from my visibility zone, which, as a decent (but without fanaticism) mother, somewhat strained me. I then asked her if they molested her? Not the slightest attempt! And my boy is a jerk! When we were already driving on the asphalt, he allowed me to steer, I moved forward, and he began to open his arms under this bench, as if in jest. I pressed the gas all the way - it stopped. Well, okay - the kid held on, the savior after all!

So, I didn't want to tempt fate again. Yes, and Vadik was not eager. And Nadia was still relatively young, inexperienced, so she was interested. She would have gone to the mountain of Moses with us, but she did not have suitable shoes with her. I didn't warn her!

We ordered a yacht via viber for tomorrow. They wrote to us - to pay 116 dollars. for four. They were ordered to take with them copies of passports (possible in the phone), fins, masks, towels, as well as a waterproof box for the phone. The last point was not very clear to me.

In the evening we decided to go shopping. Our main goal was face masks for Vadik and Nadya. In the morning they swam in old ordinary masks without snorkels, but tomorrow we will sail to the beautiful reef of Ras Mohammed. Why should they suffer?

There was a shop with all sorts of things near the hotel beach bar. The owner asked for face masks for 13 bucks and did not want to give up a penny. But I knew for sure that they cost no more than ten. I bought it for this price last year.

We left the hotel at sunset.

We walked around the nearby shops. Here they asked for masks, at best, all the same 13 dollars. I decided to go to the Old Market. Suppressing Verka's sluggish resistance, she dragged the whole gang onto the track.

We catch a blue minibus and silently sit down. I figured I should pay two dollars for everyone. The people in front were arguing with the driver, demanding change. I asked why they gave money in advance? Well, they didn't realize! They were driving from Nabq. Agreed with the driver for a dollar. Well, that means I got it right. More than a dollar for a couple from our area (Soho) is not worth giving. Leaving the minibus in the Old City, I slipped two bucks to the driver. He didn't mind.

It was already completely dark, and the Old Market looked very smart.

After taking a photo of the sights, we went to empty the local shops.

Nadya got a taste of trade. Her external data (large blonde with eyelashes), as well as possible, contributed to communication with local khabibs. And then I whisper in my ear that I shouldn’t give more than twenty for a bag. The seller, like the old Montenegrin glasses dealer, called me a mafia. I hope that at least in Sharm it means only what it means, and not what Dusik said in a comment to my story : ))))))

As a result, the masks were bought for 12 dollars. We didn't win much, but still! The salesman, who called me a mafia, reached into a locked nightstand to get change. I, justifying the definition given to me, began to make fun of: “Aha! Let's know where the money is! The mafia will come to rob tomorrow! ” The seller, it seemed to me, was a little scared.

We bought a couple of huge mangoes in a greengrocer's shop. Expensive, however! As much as 2.5 dollars per kg! Last year it was a dollar and a half.

We left the market. The bus jumped right there. I said the password is Soho. The driver said a dollar from the snout. Aha! Schaz! We crossed to the opposite side of the road through the square. The same bus pulled up. Here, two dollars for all the drivers have already been arranged.

Arriving at the hotel, in exchange for a vandollar, instead of the usual swans, we received such a creative from the cleaner

The next morning at 8.00 we were picked up from the hotel. They took me to a harbor full of yachts and sat on benches under a canopy, along with a crowd of those who were just as eager to see the wonderful island. The data of our passports, for some reason, was hammered into the computer. The wait with the clogging took quite a long time. The whole crowd was divided into yachts. Ours was called Manta-2. Under a canopy on a bench, while waiting for loading, we talked with the neighbors - a young couple with two children. One child was very small and was very naughty in the minibus that brought us to the harbor. The guys, as it turned out, are taking this tour for the second time - they liked it so much. But they warned us that not everything is so simple - a decent distance will have to sail to the island from the yacht. That, it turns out, is what a hydrobox is for - to take your phone with you and make an amazing photo shoot.

Swimming with Vadik is not a problem. Nadia, apparently, too. But here's Vera! And no one warned. In the description of the tour, nothing was said about this, and Andrey, from whom I ordered a tour via viber, did not say a word. Verka had to rent a life jacket for 3 bucks. Although, to be honest, I strongly doubted that he would help her.

The guys took a tour from some other company and a little cheaper - for 28. I wonder how much it really costs?

Finally, it's our turn to load.

As a group, about 30 people, we settled quite freely on the upper deck. Let's swim.

Our brave cap who can steer with his left foot

Those who took a tour not from the hotel guides on a prepaid basis began to collect denyushki. For some reason, instead of the declared $116, they decided to take only $106 from us. Or did they make a discount for the fact that we ordered as many as three excursions? I didn't bother to clarify. She acted un-Christian. With non-Christians, really. But anyway. Well, yes, what is there? They are trying to rip us off at every turn. In general, I felt that I was wrong, but I did nothing.

In the process of sailing, we sometimes overtook other yachts, then lagged behind.

I naively thought that since Ras Mohammed was in the name of the tour, we would snorkel near it. But the figurines - floated by. We stopped, along with others, quite far from the shore. And the breeze in the open sea blew quite fresh and strong. I didn't want to go into the water. But you have to beat the money!

The sea, teeming with people, resembled a scene from the Titanic immediately after the flood.

Having made an effort, I flopped into the water. Vadik and Nadia followed me. Verka remained on board.

The reef was unremarkable. Near our Hilton is no worse. I was more interested in looking down at the divers than at the fish. Having cut several circles around the bush, I, chattering my teeth, got on board. There was a noble rookery on the bow of the yacht. But it was almost completely occupied by two body-positive Italian girls, who, as they lay down there at the beginning of the trip, lay there all day.

I, on my towel, had to walk along the edge that casts a shadow. Nadia is at the second. Somehow managed to warm up. Vadik also somehow found his place under the sun and settled down. Verka, wrapped in a blanket, sat under a canopy.

It's time for lunch. Downstairs in the salon, we were given weak portions of some food, which we quickly defeated.

Our next stop was right next to the White Island. If you can call it that. There was no island there. At least at the time of our arrival. There was a shoal, where knee-deep in water, crowds roamed.

But you still had to swim there. The three of us, without problems, got there, and Verka tried to go down into the water in her rented vest and cling to the accompanying person with a life buoy. But quickly realizing that the number would not work, she returned back to the yacht. The Italians didn't even try. This is people relaxing!

After aground, we spent no more than 15 minutes there. We quickly took pictures and, urged on by the escort, swam back. And that's it!

Long road back to the harbor. Sunset.

Awesome excursion! We blabbed all day in the sea for a weak snork and no less weak photo shoot. I don't know about anyone, but I didn't like it. The second time I would definitely not fall for any yacht.

The marina was crowded with dozens of ships disembarking passengers one by one.

It reminded me of a parking lot under a supermarket. As soon as one yacht set sail, several others immediately rushed to its place, often colliding with each other. The stench from diesels was serious. Breathe in the sea air!

Verka returned her life jacket. Not useful!

But we spent the whole day in absolute sobriety. Although, if we were smarter, we would take a bottle of champagne with us. But ku-ku didn't work. And it’s not a fact that we would be allowed.

Therefore, two bottles continued to languish in the minibar. And we sweated, a little, in the pool bar under the moon.

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