Actual problems of sustainable development of the recreational zone of the Sinai Peninsula in a pandemic. II

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The ascent was scheduled for the following night. And the night, immediately after the excursion to the island, like the previous one, passed surprisingly calmly. No “aram-tsam-tsam” disturbed us. Either the show is only on Sundays, or it was held on the second line.

Since we did not hand over beach towels, as we took them on a yacht, there was something to stake out sun loungers. Even though Verka wakes up before me, it was unrealistic to force her to go and take a seat. I had to push Vadik out of bed. Ohohohonyushki! And how will they solve this issue without us tomorrow?

Preparing for the night adventures, Vadik and I did not drink that day. And I even went further - I decided to fast. Wednesday! Lent day. And I did it without difficulty. I have found enough dishes that match my criteria. And I would eat their falafel all day long! And the girls, not burdening themselves with any upgrades of souls and bodies, drank and ate at their pleasure. I told Nadya not to drink too much, otherwise her license would be taken away. Let me remind you that at sunset she was to drive a certain vehicle. But Nadia just giggled.

I was haunted by the presence of a jacuzzi. Gotta try it out! Otherwise, why the hell did we take this number? Never in my life have I used such a thing. And I had no idea how it works.

Having galloped like a monkey around a cunning unit, I found a button. And pressed. And it's like a buzz! Frightened, she pressed back. Something is wrong here. The balls creaked as they thought. BUT! Probably need some water! Turned on the faucet. The attacker was so-so. When half a bath had been collected, it was already time to go to the battle for a snack. And when the winners returned, the tub was empty! Apparently, the zealous cleaner tried. Crap! I had to start all over again.

At half past three, the ladies left for a tour, and Vadik and I, without waiting for a full one, tried to lie down in a bath with bulbs. I lay down, and Vadik was still standing. To create these very bulbs, they pressed the button again. From the openings of the tub, which were not yet completely covered with water, jets filled with bleach. One jet from the hole behind me hit at a 45 degree angle to the ceiling and poured over the back of my head, wetting my hair. Crap! Vadik! Lie down soon. Obeying Newton's law, the water level in the bathtub rose and closed, as it should, the holes. It seems that everything went as it should. But on the edge. The hot water pouring from the tap ceased to be hot. Apparently the stock has run out. Turned off the faucet. We lay down for a bit, substituting different places for tight jets. But the expected relaxation did not come. The two were tight. I kicked Vadik out and lay alone for a short time. But, since, after removing the body from the water, the level dropped again, I had to crawl to close at least a hole with a jet hitting the wrong place. In short, crap on vegetable oil. I wouldn't want to have this at home.

Flipping through a magazine on the plane, tucked into a pocket on the back of the front seat, I subtracted such a smart and fashionable, now, word - anti-consumerism. Too lazy to google, I quote:

“Anti-consumerism is a socio-political ideology that is opposed to consumerism, the constant purchase and consumption of material property. ”

Oh! Here, it turns out, how you can call me! Anticonsumerist! I have been this way for a very long time, if not from birth. Have I finally found like-minded people? Ay! To be honest, there are none among my friends. Everyone is constantly buying something, especially clothes. Then they don’t know who to shake off the old one. And here I am, until I wear out my skates, I don’t buy new sandals. Kidding. So far I have not yet gone, but the trend is evident. In short, I felt so sorry for the water that we wasted on useless sitting in the bathroom. And this is in the desert, where water is worth its weight in gold gasoline! I got upset. How could I be so irresponsible? Never again!

Remorse prevented me from taking a nap after the bath. And Vadka is fully asleep. And, soon, Verka and Nadia were already returned back. Verka complained that Nadia was so dispersed that, in the end, she began to drive. To this, I noticed the unfortunate Schumachershe that, God forbid, if something happened, the insurance would not work - it does not apply to those who have drunk. To which the friend replied that earlier it was necessary to warn. Here are those times! And I thought everyone knew that. However, as usual. Anyway, everyone is alive, and thank God!

At half past eight in the evening we had already departed. Last year if you read .html

The ascent began at midnight. By three in the morning we were already there. And for three hours they waited for dawn in a Bedouin halabud, shivering from the cold.

I didn't want to be cold anymore. Therefore, this time, we equipped ourselves in a serious way. We took with us a blanket and a thermos, kindly presented to Vadik by Yasno. Tea was poured into a thermos. Fortunately, our room had everything for this. And I asked for a piece of lime in the canteen. Dress like you're going to the North Pole. More precisely, a bunch of junk was stuffed into a backpack.

But everything turned out completely different than last year.

The Mikrik brought us outside the city. Oh, and Charm has grown! I remember that in 2010 we lived in the Albatross Moderna, which was the last one in Nabq. And now there are already a lot of new hotels behind it. And everyone is actively preparing for the New Year. The trees are already lit! Where are they hurrying? Afraid they won't survive?

From mikrik, we and several other people were transferred to a huge, crowded bus. There were no more places. Smarties and smarties took a couple of chairs for themselves, hoping, apparently, to sleep on the road. And the dummies! They pushed everyone. I put Vadik at the beginning of the salon, and I myself barely found a place in the penultimate row, next to some guy. The guide collected money from those who were not afraid to turn not to the hotel guide. By the way, for ours, this excursion cost more than fifty dollars, but only for us and only on Monday, he promised it for only 45. Generosity is on the verge of wastefulness! I paid 30 each. And here is my neighbor, with whom I chatted all the way - and even less, only 25, calling some number obtained from someone.

Apparently, all these Internet agencies are only intermediaries and modestly take their couple of bucks per person. Hotel guides are greedier. In any case, you need to refer to the original source. I tried to get the magic number from the guy next door. He promised to drop me as soon as he got back to the hotel. But I didn't wait. I forgot, apparently. Or scored : (

Handing the money to the bus guide, a bald black man of advanced years, I asked if we could deviate from the route and go through Elijah's well on the way back? The guide made scary eyes and said that if we do this, we will spend the rest of our lives in an Egyptian prison! Wow, damn it! How everything is running! It's a pity! I would like to diversify the trip.

Somewhere at the entrance to Dahab, we had a technical stop. As the guide explained, our convoy will be accompanied by the police. And this is in addition to the two guards who rode with us on the bus. I noticed one had a holster under a pinjak, and the other had little cases, apparently with cartridges. Division of labor?

This year, unlike the previous one, there were many times more people wishing to be cleansed from sins through ascent. In the parking lot near the cafe, a dozen buses and buses have accumulated. And there is only one toilet. The people, having wandered around the neighborhood, did not come up with anything better than to use a moat dug nearby for some reason. Perhaps for these purposes.

However, the parking was delayed. Already freshened up decisively everything. Soon they will go for the second run, and we are all standing. And that's with the engines running! stink! They say that in Egypt water costs like gasoline. But not! It's their gasoline costs like water! Unacceptable waste! And the exhaust? They don't seem to care about the environment at all.

By the way, I forgot to write in the previous volume. When we sailed on a yacht quite far from the coast, I noticed the garbage floating overboard. Some wrappers, bags, etc. There is a good Ukrainian word - non-trib. He was the one who swam. Where did it come from? Not otherwise than from the yacht stupidly emptied the garbage can. And this phenomenon I met more than once. Kapets!

But let's get back from the yacht to the bus. It was well past midnight when we finally set off on our journey. I wasn't too nervous about the delay. The prospect of waiting for dawn in a cold place scared me more. I wondered last year, why start climbing so early? You can leave at three o'clock - just in time.

And this year it happened.

The full moon illuminated the surrounding mountains. The sand, in the moonlight, was like snow. Krrrasota! But my seat, apparently, was right above the engine, which was shamelessly warming up. But it's okay, I'll be cold soon. It is necessary to warm up the bones properly. But from the stench of not completely burned diesel fuel, my head began to hurt. But everything comes to an end, and this too has passed. We have arrived.

The bald black man gave out flashlights. And last time I had to highlight the road with phones. While we were waiting for guides, we were approached by a couple of merchants offering multi-colored camel wool ponchos. We didn't seem to need to. We dressed well. And one woman bought and put on. I asked why? She stunned me - 5 bucks! I felt the product, walked around the woman. Wow, great stuff! And sell it to me! Several people bought and dressed themselves. And I didn’t put it on yet, but stuffed it into my backpack.

The people were divided among the guides, who gave their groups different names. They called us "Pharaohs". And we started climbing.

Our guide took a pretty fast pace. As long as the road was fairly gentle, this was not critical. I didn't have time to sweat. After a frisky gallop, the guide made quite a long halt. No, it won't work like that. I planned to get to the top with a dry back. Therefore, at the next halt, we side by side, and disappeared into the darkness. We walked at our own pace, stopping when we felt it was necessary. At first, I periodically singled out the name of our group from the general roll call, and then I stopped. Weird! Maybe they decided to come back and look for us? Hardly. In total darkness, the absence of two out of 20 or 30 people, who will notice?

The flashlight was barely alive, and we turned it off if someone walked in front or behind with the light on. But it wasn't safe. The road became more and more difficult, and the moon hid behind the mountain. From time to time we almost ran into camels standing or lying down. Or walking. The Bedouins tirelessly offered them to us. And some of the climbers gave up, tired of walking. But what's the point? There are 750 high and uneven steps ahead, which the camel will not overcome. You'll have to use your feet!

From the front, then from behind, we heard the cries of the guides. Particular attention was attracted by the hilarious name "Balalaika Bunnies". Oh, and these children of the mountains are inventors!

The steps have begun. It’s hard, of course, but not in such a way that it’s straight kapets! Only the breeze swooped sometimes sooo fresh. We sat down to rest in the butt on a stone covered with boards. A woman came down from above. It was hard to go down. Her flashlight is already dead. We asked where is she? She complained that she couldn't! Well, I can't! This is the point. But the woman said that this was her limit, and her husband, anyway, had long since given up and was sitting somewhere below. However, going down in pitch darkness is very dangerous. Climbing is much easier. I said that here I would break my neck, like two fingers on asphalt. I suggested that she sit in our place until she at least starts to turn gray. It's cold, of course, but at least it's not blowing here.

The woman remained seated, and we moved on, uphill.

We crept up to the top just as it was getting light.

All the places convenient for shooting were already occupied. But I managed to find an acceptable location. True, it was an uneven stone, which some did not dare to climb, while others did not guess. And I guessed, and we took a chance.

They put a Yasnovsky blanket under their asses, got out a Yasnovsky thermos with tea and a basin with a snack. And the tea was a little warm! Shit, not a thermos. As well as the company that presented it. But there is no alternative. But I'm not talking about her now.

Having refreshed ourselves, we tuned in to the perception of the sacrament. Well, isn't it nonsense?

However, the sun quickly began to rise, and we set off on our way back, gradually undressing.

There is Elijah's well down there, where we would like to go.

Here is the fork.

Last year there was a stone with the name lying here. And now he was gone. And the inscription was removed from the plaque. What's happening? I would very much like to know. But not by going to jail.

Not salty slurping, went with the rest of the usual route.

The Great Wall of Egypt

When I took a picture of another camel, its owner chased after me, insistently offering me to rent it (the camel). I refused. Then, seeing in my hand a bitten chocolate bar, he began to beg for at least her. Crap! Adult man. Broke off a piece. Left behind.

Further on, Bedouin girls were standing and selling some kind of baubles. I broke off a piece of them without asking. They kindly thanked me “Shokran! ”. I still had a couple of pieces left. I gave them, along with the wrapper, to two boys. Already moving away, I realized it, and decided to take a picture of them. They graciously agreed.

But they already wanted to throw the chocolate wrapper into the abyss. I took it and threw it into the trash, of which there were plenty.

On the way we met people walking uphill. Stupid! Sins are forgiven only at dawn! Kidding. I don't know when it happens or if it happens at all. Just climb in the heat, I think not ice. Although…

In the monastery of St. Catherine, we did not stay long. Everyone is on the run. This time the church with the relics was opened. But the museum was already paid. The guide gave us 35 minutes for everything about everything, motivating us to leave before a certain time. Otherwise, the next passage corridor will be only in a few hours. Well, what nonsense is this! Martial law, right? I don't know.

While we were loading onto the bus, several Tezturovs arrived. Chu, that sho they can’t sit in the hotel in the heat? Or are they, purely, in a monastery?

The return trip didn't seem difficult at first. It's good that I wasn't sitting with Vadik. He would sleep all the way. He's drowsy, but not next to me. And I took advantage of the neighborhood with the guy and chatted incessantly. Therefore, I did not want to sleep at all, and I was quite cheerful. The neighbor turned out to be from Kazakhstan. Military pilot. In the process of chatting, I told him that I was choosing seats at the tail of the plane. He said it was right. Boeings and Airbuses crash with their noses to the ground. And break into several parts in front of and behind the wing. A few rows in the tail are more likely to survive. And I also learned from him that there are no parachutes in passenger planes, even for crew members. This is done so that they fight for the lives of passengers, as for their own, to the very end. Then I remembered that I recently saw a wonderful, no, just a bomb movie "Crew". No, not the one, not the Soviet one with Filatov and Yakovleva. American. About how drunk in the trash, the pilot landed a crashing plane in a way that no sober one would have landed. So think after that, is it worth it to stop drinking? However, it is certainly worth it. The guy saw the movie too. There was something to talk about.

Even my neighbor (I didn't even bother to ask his name), without knowing it, revealed to me the secret of where so many peppy people came from on the beach in the wee hours. His hotel had the same song as ours. So, the reason for this phenomenon was the time difference between Egypt and Kazakhstan and some regions of Russia. People come and keep waking up at their own time. Why not go to the sea? For the sake of it, in fact, many people came here. Here's hello to you! Well, OK. I have one more question. If everyone took their seats on the beach, then why aren't there seats by the pool too? Do people have two towels? The guy laughed and said that really, there is such a problem in their hotel.

And then we again arrived in the vicinity of Dahab, where we stood for a long time at night. And again we stood there for a long time. I do not know why. The cops had a shift change, didn't they? It was turning into torture. If earlier the road took 2.5 hours, now we spent all 4 on it. I wanted, decisively, everything - to the toilet, sleep, eat, drink. I don't know what more. Water was distributed to us, but I did not dare to drink. No more pee stops. And who are these cops protecting us from? How I adore law enforcement agencies, both ours and others!

A family with an eight-year-old girl was dropped off at the Sultan Garden. I noticed them while still in the minibus on the way from the hotel. Entering the mikrik, I said hello: “Hello! ” They gave me the same answer. Between themselves, they spoke some kind of gibberish, sometimes switching to purely Russian. In appearance they looked like gypsies (Bulgarians, Moldavians). But the language is definitely not Slavic or Moldovan.

Vadik was sitting not far from them in a big bus and heard their conversation with the guide. It turns out they are from Kazakhstan. They are leaving today. It was already half past three, and the bus to the airport was supposed to pick them up an hour ago. Here are the nerves! I would have gone to Mrs. in such a situation. And they said they would take a taxi. And, getting off the bus, waddled up to the hotel! Wow! I would not plan any excursion on the day of departure. But it's me. Restless economy.

We barely had time for lunch. They didn’t even change clothes, but went as they were - in dusty boots and pants. However, even after three people calmly continued to take food and alcohol, and no one drove them.

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