Actual problems of sustainable development of the recreational zone of the Sinai Peninsula in a pandemic.III

03 December 2021 Travel time: with 14 November 2021 on 21 November 2021
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We still had two full days left. We decided to dedicate them entirely to the sea. Verka complained that when she came to the beach at half past five in the morning, she barely found two free sunbeds - the people were moving in orderly columns in the predawn twilight towards the sea. I imagined this picture, and hysterical laughter ran through me. And in the evening you can not borrow? Some people told Verka that they were fined for this. I wonder how?

I woke up at 4.20. She threw on her tunic and, taking a couple of rags, left the room. Verka was no longer sleeping. He says it's still early! So what, I'll lie waiting for X hour? Meaning? I better go back and try to get some more sleep. Verka asked if she should come with me? I could clearly sense the hope in her voice that I would refuse. Of course, I refused. Darkness and loneliness are not my phobias.

And it was not dark on the beach. The lanterns illuminated the deserted rookery quite well. There were no people, but towels were already present at the most trump places. Wow! Looking ahead, I will reveal to you this riddle of nature. It turns out that the smart ones pay the beachboys (or maybe not them) to take their places. I don't know the amount.

When I returned, I was able, oddly enough, to fall asleep right up to 7.

Today we decided to swim in the other direction with Vadik. But as soon as we swam under a rope with buoys, enclosing the water area of ​ ​ ​ ​ our hotel, there was a furious whistle of a lifeguard (or whatever he was). I was about to go back, but Vadik continued to swim, as if nothing had happened. Probably didn't hear. Without hesitation, I joined him. Naturally, no one followed us. At the beginning of the story, I complained about the not enough beautiful reef. Then I already decided that a normal reef. No worse than the one where they dropped us off the yacht. And I saw Napoleon, and tuna, and small barracudas, and stingrays. Only moray eels were not here, as near Coral Beach Tiran, where Verka and I were last year. This is towards Siwa and Melton. Right behind our Hilton in that direction, a new hotel is about to open. It is still unfinished. And no one whistles if you swim in that direction.

In the opposite direction are Concorde, Island View, Savoy and Sierra. The reef was worse than the other way. I thought so. Moreover, the whistler on the extreme pontoon of the Sierra whistled to Vadik's ears, and he slowed down. What, you ask? Anyway! They swam back. The water was warmer today. We didn't freeze. It was possible to sail further, up to four seasons. It didn't work.

Having warmed up, we swam in the direction of Melton. Didn't make it again. But in vain. There is a large area in front of Melton with no hotels. The reef must be intact.

While we were swimming, the beer at the beach bar had already run out. Probably, Verka and Nadia drank everything. I had to choke on a gin and tonic.

A young animator, once again, unsuccessfully luring us and others to all sorts of yoga exercises, said that today they were taking people to the club on Timati. I already forgot how much. 35 or 45 bucks. And in Soho today the opening of the Christmas tree and the concert of Nastya Kamensky. Free. It's more interesting! You can go. But first you need to stock up on mangoes. To this end, Vadik and I decided to go to the old city again, while Verka and Nadya decided not to go anywhere and buy on the spot.

Arriving at the Old Market, we went around it all, climbing into the most remote shops, where the signs were purely in Arabic. In one, they bought Vadik leather moccasins for $20, in another they bought both me and him a pair of jeans for $10 each, in a cosmetics shop I bought four jars of all kinds of skin and hair products for $10. Before us there were two girls of Slavic nationality. They behaved with the seller just boorishly. I was ashamed of them. I didn't even bargain. Although, it was so cheap. We also found a cafe with different fresh juices. All for $2. And from sugar cane - per dollar. They chose him, not because of the cheapness. Just haven't had a drink in a while. Already in 2013 in Goa. Eh!

Here, however, lime was not added to it. Goan was tastier, in my opinion.

We met a long-time seller. He recognized us. I said “Mafia is immortal! ”, and clapping him on the shoulder, I moved on.

Mango, this time, I did not take it harder. What for? It stays so strong. For a couple of days, even with the softest, nothing will happen. But there will be no taste of the Christmas tree. Bypassing the entire market, no one gave cheaper than $ 2 per kg. And the cunning seller we stopped at also blew me a dollar for the package. The box pulled 8 kg. Hand luggage allowed to take 9 kg. Okay, let's go.

Leaving the minibus, we went through Soho. There was a frame on the way. And a small line. BUT! Today the Christmas tree and Nastya! We were not wearing masks, so we were given them. Thanks! They put it in their pockets and moved on.

It was a little after eight in the evening, and the concert was supposed to start at 10. But the crowd was already serious. We had to maneuver among people. At the other end, there were already 10 times more people crowding at the entrance than at the one where we entered. Tour buses were coming. God, what will happen here at 10? Nafig need! I am a small fan of such events. The last time I was at a live concert was in 1989. At the Gaza Strip. Now that was a concert! And Nastya? So what about Nastya? Without Potap, she is like Kim without her butt. Sleep better.

Arriving in the room, we found the girls in full dress. Nadia in war paint and a red dress. We upset them, and Verka, relieved, wanted to go nowhere. But Nadia insisted. And we hurried to dinner.

Ladies later said that they could not even come to the gate, there was such a crowd there. And, they say, that pickpockets profited well that evening.

Well, what else to tell you something interesting? At the end of the holiday, we finally adapted to the peculiarities of this year. Stop coming in first for meals. The lines dissipated after an hour. Dishes, maybe not in full, were present in sufficient quantities. After dinner, we stopped looking for free sunbeds by the pool, and began to sit at a table by the bar. There was no umbrella over it, and no one claimed it. And we had the best! With pleasure, they absorbed the rays of the sun, which was already sinking towards sunset. I had to constantly move out of the shadow creeping from the hull.

Our orphan glasses were very useful. The bartenders unquestioningly poured us delicious draft beer into them. True, it had a property to end. But, by this time, the shadow had already completely covered this place, and we were already flooded to capacity.

I only took a dip in the pool once. The water was invigorating. The sea is warmer.

Oh yes! One more moment. While we were gone, Verka and Nadia had to deal with the situation. They knocked on the door and handed a plate of fruit along with some paperwork. What is it, they did not understand. I, too, was at a loss to read. Sent a photo to my daughter. She wrote that the hotel wildly apologizes for the situation in the canteen and promises to improve. Then Vadik remembered that the day before in the canteen he was asked to fill out some kind of questionnaire. It seems to be about the quality of service. He is not ale in English, so he put 7 on all counts. The girls said that he should write something about alcohol somewhere. Verka read on the Internet that there was a raid on the hotels. On this day, whole fruits appeared in the canteen. Before that, they were only cut. It's a shame we're already leaving. Although, what's the difference. Personally, I had enough. Of the two mangoes that we bought, we ate only one for four. The second went home. It was very tasty. I just didn't want to. And we barely finished the champagne. One bottle, in general, was mediocrely drunk in the canteen during lunch. And the second is more pleasant, on the beach. But after it I had to drink beer, which is not ice. Wine is not served on the beach.

On the last day we swam to the right again. This time no one whistled at us. Whistler hasn't taken over yet. We reached the cape dividing the bays. Vadik swam a little ahead, and turned back. He said that there is a strong current. Without fins, we will row for a long time.

After lunch, Vadik and I went to look at the second Hilton across the road. Picturesque clouds clustered above the mountains, giving the hotel area additional picturesqueness.

The absence of the sea was compensated by the presence of sand on the shore of the pool. Cool!

The balconies here are larger than on the first line. I just don't know if there is a canteen here? If not, then it is clear where such queues come from.

The sunset was nice today! The presence of clouds in the sky, nevertheless, gives it a special charm.

We wandered around Soho. Today it was deserted. The tree was lit yesterday. The rink is working. Winter, damn it! : (

Sellers in the shops we went to were surprised when they found out that I was from Ukraine. They took it for an Italian. They even suspected that I had their own blood. Weird! I haven't sunbathed much this year. Autumn started too early and I couldn't keep up my tan. Arrived in Egypt, how about hello in the middle of the night! Snow White!

Well, that's all! Have a rest.

We met the dawn already at the airport.

I was afraid that we would get stuck again, like in 2015 after the terrorist attack. And on the internet they wrote about wild queues. But everything went pretty smoothly. In addition to our flight, only Odessans sat in the hall, who had a flight even earlier than ours. Nadia was scammed for 25 bucks. She bought so many things that she had to buy a new suitcase. Hand luggage pulled her as much as 11 kg. In addition to this bag, she also had a small backpack. For him, as for the second unit, Nadia was forced to pay. Although, I think, if there was no advantage, everything would have worked out.

Yes! Last year, no one weighed hand luggage, and everyone dragged, in addition to the usual backpacks, handbags, also boxes of mangoes.

The Egyptian who searched me whispered in my ear that I was very beautiful! I said thank you. What is she? Lesbian, right? I'm not that pretty. Already. At 52 years old! The men almost do not stick, but here, on you! : )))))))))))))

Dyutik disappointed poor Vadik almost to tears. The assortment was very meager and consisted exclusively of expensive booze. There were no drinks under 18. Spirits, too, was a cat crying. It’s good that Nadya didn’t listen to me and bought perfume for herself at the Zaporozhye airport. Strange, of course. Although, I noticed that this time we were expecting a departure not at all where last year. When we boarded the bus, I saw that, indeed, we were sitting in terminal 2. And the building with domes was to the left. Maybe that's why there were so few people. Perhaps everyone else was herded under the dome of the circus. Or maybe our flight was just too early. I can't know.

We got home without incident.

The adventure happened already at home. Oddly enough, not with Vadik. And not even with me. With Verka!

Entering the house, and not even having time to sit down with her husband and Nadya at the table to celebrate the arrival, she somehow completely ridiculously slipped and fell, breaking her arm at the same time. Yes, so seriously that I had to do an operation and insert a knitting needle.

The most interesting thing is that on the day of departure for a vacation, Verka, getting out of the car and heading to Mikrik Join Apa, who took us to the airport, clung to something in the dark and crashed. Then she didn't even get hurt. She was allowed to rest.

On that pessimistic note, let me conclude.

Thank you for your attention!

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