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New Year holidays in Jordan
I'm in a hurry to share a story about a vacation in Jordan. After the New Year's table - by plane to Aqaba (Jordan), and the new year 2020 began at sea, under the bright and friendly sun.
 •  5 years ago
From Sharm to Taba, from Taba to Aqaba, from Aqaba to Petra
I want to share my experience of how, while relaxing in Sharm, I took a tour from a street agency, and not from a hotel guide, and went to Petra. T. Since an excursion to Petra is not a cheap pleasure, especially if you buy it from a hotel guide, I decided to monitor the Sharm tourist services mark...
 •  5 years ago
How to get to the Red Sea cheaply
Good sunny morning everyone. Having bathed in the azure waters of the Red mine, I want to suggest how it is not expensive to get here. We were driving from Kyiv to Vilnius via Belarus, Bla Bla car service was excellent.
 •  5 years ago
Border crossing Israel Eilat - Jordan Aqaba
It is possible to cross all these borders between the two states independently and without any special expenses. We flew from Tel Aviv to Eilat airport. At the airport, having connected free Wi-Fi, they called a Gett taxi, the application can be downloaded right there, the locals advised, as the mos...
 •  6 years ago
Trip to Petra from Aqaba
The hotel guide offered us an excursion to Petra. It takes 3 hours to get there by bus and the same way back. Lunch on the way. And about 4 hours with a guide to explore the sights of Petra.
 •  8 years ago
Hot Springs Ma'in Hot Springs
Main Hot Springs I invite you to spend a day in Jordan with pleasure for the soul and good for the body. We will go with you to the hot springs of Ma'in Hot Springs, which are 264 meters below sea level, which allows the temperature in Ma'in Hot to remain 10 degrees higher than in the rest of the co...
 •  9 years ago
Excursion to the holy places of Jordan. Epiphany Site, Mount Nebo and Madaba City
The Place of Baptism - Mount Nebo - City of Madaba Our journey will begin from the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, where people have been coming for almost two thousand years, with the hope of receiving healing of soul and body after washing.
 •  9 years ago
Amman Sightseeing Tour (Amman, Jordan)
I invite youon a sightseeing tour of Amman, the capital of Jordan. Plunge into the atmosphere of this unusual oriental city with a long history. Amman is a city on seven hills, one of which has the ruins of an ancient Roman citadel.
 •  9 years ago
Petra Excursions to Petra — destination for most travelers in Jordan and holidaymakers in the Dead Sea resorts. Don't miss the chance to see the main UNESCO World Heritage site in Jordan.
 •  9 years ago
Eastern fairy tale
I have been dreaming of seeing Petra for a long time, but a one-day trip did not suit me, just as I was not going to take a vacation to Jordan, therefore, planning to spend it in Israel, I knew in advance that a three-day tour to Jordan was what I needed!
 •  10 years ago
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