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See Admiring Japan's Red Maples >>> Notes 1. If you want to travel around Japan, you should definitely buy a JR Pass, it will quickly pay for itself on high-speed trains between cities.
 •  4 years ago
Admiring the red maples of Japan
Have you ever dreamed of looking into the future too? I've always wanted to! And just recently, we opened the curtain of this mystery for ourselves. It turned out to be not quite the way science fiction scientists describe it, but nevertheless there are things that really make life better.
 •  4 years ago
How to independently obtain a tourist visa to Japan from Ukraine
The story of our journey: Here Detailed itinerary and costs: Here Info: Embassy website Visa difficulty: Easy Applicable: Husband FOP, wife does not work Deadline: Between 3 months and 6 days before travel date Where to apply: Submitted documents at the Embassy of Japan, which is located in Ky...
 •  5 years ago
Interesting for travelers to Japan
NO HIROSHIMA? ! BUT WHY?? ? ? This review prompted me to write the negative perceptions of many tourists about the presence of visiting Hiroshima on some itineraries in Japan.
 •  7 years ago
Ah, Shikoku, Shikoku!
Shikoku is the smallest of Japan's four main islands. The islanders take pride in the unspoilt beauty of Shikoku's natural mountain scenery. For over 1200 years, pilgrimages have been coming here.
 •  8 years ago
A Japanese girl of model appearance from the TV screen asks: - When you get your hands dirty, what do you do? Wash them. And what would your priest want? This commercial shocked the whole of Japan and introduced the concept of washlet into the life of the Japanese, replacing the common word toilet.
 •  10 years ago
Golden week in tokyo and osaka
As an epigraph: The most interesting thing about traveling is people And so my trip to Japan: The first thing that caught my eye was the modesty of the airport in Narito near Tokyo, even came across a broken watch.
 •  10 years ago
Touch the touching whale shark in Okinawa
Fizkultprivet, Dear tourists and travelers! Let's talk about fish? And about real hoo-monsters, and not about aquarium spin-tails like "goldfish" or "mini-pecilia" there, and certainly not about small children's misunderstandings like Nemo dwarf fish that catch a heart attack from the first loud so...
 •  10 years ago
Japan Day 6. Akihabara tech, used iPhones, cafe maids and Tokyo Hands
On the last day, the main part of the group went to Hakone, the valley of geysers and Lake Asi. And three brave men, including me, went to conquer the Tokyo hardware stores.
 •  12 years ago
Japan, Day 5. Kamakura and Yokohama, Big Buddha, Hasedera Temple and Japanese Chinatau
The fifth day was full of traveling to small cities adjacent to Tokyo. The Hasedera Temple in Kamakura made me take back my words about the "toy" nature of Japanese temples.
 •  12 years ago
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