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Good hotel with 10+ service!
The hotel is well located in the Ginza area, opposite the imperial park. From here it is very convenient to get to all tourist places, and in the evening it is just nice to walk around the area.
 •  6 years ago
Very good hotel! I advise everyone who wants to visit Japan and live in comfortable conditions.
I really liked the hotel. Clean, cleaned with high quality, towels can be changed every day (they give about 3 towels per person! ), Internet is good, comfortable beds, disposable hygiene kits (brush, paste, comb, razor, shaving cream), location is good, staff friendly and responsive!
 •  8 years ago
A Japanese girl of model appearance from the TV screen asks: - When you get your hands dirty, what do you do? Wash them. And what would your priest want? This commercial shocked the whole of Japan and introduced the concept of washlet into the life of the Japanese, replacing the common word toilet.
 •  9 years ago
Golden week in tokyo and osaka
As an epigraph: The most interesting thing about traveling is people And so my trip to Japan: The first thing that caught my eye was the modesty of the airport in Narito near Tokyo, even came across a broken watch.
 •  10 years ago
Not a very bad hotel. everything is coforto and convenient. clean and has everything you need
I was a little surprised by the futuristic plumbing, but in the end I figured it out.
 •  10 years ago
Party hotel in a party place
Shibuya is probably the most party area in Tokyo. Clubs and other entertainment establishments are concentrated here. The square in front of Shibuya Station is open 24/7.
 •  12 years ago
Japan Day 6. Akihabara tech, used iPhones, cafe maids and Tokyo Hands
On the last day, the main part of the group went to Hakone, the valley of geysers and Lake Asi. And three brave men, including me, went to conquer the Tokyo hardware stores.
 •  12 years ago
Bay view hotel
The windows of the rooms overlook the bay and Ra Raduzhny bridge. Very nice. Perhaps this is the only thing that distinguishes the hotel from the rest. Not far from the hotel is the Aqua City shopping center with hundreds of restaurants.
 •  12 years ago
Economy from economy
The hotel consists of two buildings located 25 meters apart. Very economical and pragmatic hotelchik. Located within a 10-minute walk from 3 metro stations. The operator said that this is the most popular hotel in Tokyo, probably because of the price.
 •  12 years ago
Japan, day 4. Asakusa, subways, informal neighborhoods and clubs in Tokyo
In the morning we twirled around the entrance to the Imperial Palace (see photo). The palace grounds are allowed twice a year. I really liked the combination of a traditional Japanese park with a modern line of skyscrapers behind it.
 •  12 years ago
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