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Maltese wanderers. On the ground, underground and a little near the water
It seems like, and it was not very long ago... But in modern realities - already in a past life : ) Malta happened to us in February 2020. Then the Chinese were already banned from entering all countries.
 •  3 years ago
Maltese wanderers. Through the yellow streets of Valletta
Why and why the Vorobeichikovs ended up in Malta, and how they lived there, can be found in the overview report "Maltese weekend. About life and transport (without history and sights)".
 •  4 years ago
Maltese wanderers. Fabulous luxury behind modest walls
First of all on arrival in Malta it was decided to visit, perhaps, the most important , the most striking and memorable sight of Malta in general - St. John's Cathedral. The fact is that on Saturday (it was just on Saturday morning) it is open until 12.
 •  4 years ago
Ah, carnival-carnival, or Maslenitsa in Maltese
When buying tickets to Malta, we didn't even imagine that there was a carnival in Malta. In general, we knew little about Malta)). You can read more about how this story turned out in general and about the organizational and everyday issues of the Maltese outing, you can read in the story _blank">"M...
 •  4 years ago
Maltese weekend. About life and transport (without history and sights)
What to give you, My dear man? (S. Alikhanov, A. Zhigarev, music by R. Mayorov) That's where and where, but I definitely wasn't going to Malta. Europe has not yet been explored, but here is some kind of island in the wilds of the Mediterranean Sea.
 •  4 years ago
Malta from a leisurely grandmother
I've been looking at Malta for a long time - historical knights, the Maltese warrant, a fortress not handed over to the Ottomans, shooting some scenes of films I've watched ("Troy", "Gladiator", "Game of Thrones").
 •  4 years ago
Mysterious island
Well, here I am growing up in Malta. I will not say that it was a dream of a lifetime, but to get to this mysterious country for me was the desire of the last few years.
 •  7 years ago
My Maltese holidays
Finally my dream came true! I'm in Malta! The tour was spring, sightseeing, exactly on Catholic Easter, 5 days. Flight Air Malta pleased. The distances between the chairs are sufficient, they are fed with a complex lunch, all drinks, except for alcoholic ones, are free.
 •  11 years ago
Malta - Legacy of the Knights Hospitaller
I was lucky enough to fly to Malta for 4 days in November. A tiny island, almost devoid of vegetation, but how much it attracts with its originality and inaccessibility! We lived in the Hilton Hotel - 5 * in the resort of San Julians.
 •  12 years ago
Malta. St. Julians. EU language school
Malta. St. Julians. EU Language School.
 •  11 years ago
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