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Since the price this year is low compared to previous years, as well as a direct flight from Kyiv, we chose this island. We stayed at the Pestana Casino Park Hotel (the only casino in Madeira right here).
 •  2 years ago
Holidays in Lisbon
Lisbon is a city on seven hills, but much more prominent than, say, Kyiv. The famous Lisbon parallelepiped-shaped trams are not like that for beauty, but because otherwise the city hills cannot be overcome.
 •  4 years ago
Lisbon in autumn
We liked Lisbon even before landing at the airport. The airport is next to the city, and the planes descend right over the city, and the first views of the city open from the plane.
 •  3 years ago
Obidos - an old portuguese village
Obidos is a small and very stylish village about 100 kilometers from Lisbon, it is easy to get there from Lisbon by bus from the Campo Grande bus station, the ticket costs 8 euros.
 •  3 years ago
Sintra - bus trip around the area
The best way to get from Lisbon to Sintra is by train from the Rossio station. You can pay for the fare with a city travel card, only a little more will be charged from it than for a regular metro ride, a little more than 2 euros.
 •  3 years ago
One day in Porto is not enough
We were in Porto for only one day, and one day there is very little, it is better to plan two or three days in Porto, plus a couple more days in the suburbs. We arrived there by train from Lisbon.
 •  3 years ago
Eight days on the island of eternal spring
… At around 16:10 the plane landed at Funchana Cristiano Ronaldo Airport. As soon as the rain passed, the asphalt was still wet, but the high humidity (surprisingly) was not felt in the air.
 •  4 years ago
Portugal: the palaces of Sintra, the ocean and the end of the world. Part 4. End.
Start here. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Walk to Cabo da Roca. Cape Roca I don’t even know where this idea came from, but for some reason it firmly settled in my head, took the leading place there, and didn’t allow other ideas there.
 •  4 years ago
Portugal: Sintra's palaces, the ocean and the edge of the world. Part 3
Continued, Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Although we came to the ocean, Natural gold of the ocean to sunbathe and be lazy, in this mode we had enough for one day.
 •  4 years ago
Portugal: the palaces of Sintra, the ocean and the end of the world. Part 2.
Continuation. Start here Thanks to the fact that we very well chose the location in Sintra, the next day we were among the first to open the Quinta da Regaleira Palace. We didn't have to wait for buses, we walked everywhere.
 •  4 years ago
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