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Dangerous in Beauty
Visited this resort this week. In general, the tracks are good, but there are downsides. There are big problems with car parking. Cars are parked just on the road, which causes problems with oncoming traffic.
 •  2 years ago
Cuba. Havana. Fusterlandia
For me, a lover of mosaics and ceramics, Fusterlandia turned out to be the main attraction of Cuba. Like in Barcelona - Park Gü ell. Fusterlandia is an unusual town-museum on the outskirts of Havana in the Haimanitas district.
 •  3 years ago
Twilight 4. Cuban Impressions
No one comes to the Father except through Me.            (Gospel of John 14:6) To paraphrase Jesus, no one gets to Cuba except through the Dominican Republic. “Nobody” is a word too strong, unambiguous, so I’ll make a reservation: “most”.
 •  3 years ago
Cuba Libre!
This is our second trip to Cuba! The first time was 8 years ago in Varadero + Havana, now we decided to see a new tourism destination in the province of Holguin, the northeastern part of the island.
 •  3 years ago
My stay in Cuba at Naviti Varadero beach club 4*
Good day dear tourist! I decided to share my impressions of my vacation in Cuba. Well, to begin with, I had a flight from St. Petersburg to Paris (flight 3.5 hours), the flight connection was 4.
 •  6 years ago
Unforgettable trip to Cuba
We have long wanted to visit Cuba and visit not the most popular cities, such as Holguin. It has one very interesting attraction - Loma de la Cruz, or as it is also called "Hill of the Cross" - a symbol of the Cuban city, it is located in the northern part of the city and its height is 261 meters ab...
 •  7 years ago
Great summer in Cuba
We rested in Varadero at the Melia hotel chain. This holiday is one of the most amazing holidays ever. Cuba struck with its architecture, antiquity and the spirit of history!
 •  10 years ago
Romantic trip
We thought and pondered for a long time, but still preferred Cuba and our honeymoon passed there. Very pleasant and tender memories remained of the time spent. The rest lasted 21 days, so we managed to visit a lot of things and a lot of places to visit.
 •  10 years ago
Cuba. Back to the past
I really wanted to get to Cuba. Firstly, I have never been there, and secondly, since Cuba has embarked on the path of economic development, it will soon lose that charm and flavor, for which everyone strives to get back into the past by a time machine.
 •  11 years ago
March in Havana
Rested in Cuba for 18 days. Given the fact that the beach holiday and "all inclusive" I'm not very interested, traveled without a ticket, we can say "savage". The purpose of the trip was to get as close as possible to the Cuban people's life, although he did not ignore the beaches.
 •  11 years ago
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