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Visa to Bali
How to apply for a visa to Bali? in Moscow or upon arrival? What documents are needed?
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2 subscribers  • asked 2008-05-2016 years ago
Answers  •  4
аватар adameve2
A visa is issued at the embassy in Kyiv, the cost is 35 dollars. Required documents: passport, 2 photos, personal data
аватар kovalenko-yua
We applied for a visa upon arrival on 29.02.08.
No problem, the price is $25 per person.
You come up to the counter (you won’t pass by), you give your passport and money, they stick a visa on you and give you change in local rupees.
аватар Rom7770
Do you need some kind of voucher for accommodation at the counter? Or are they not interested in where you live?
аватар helen_mersie
But what about Ukraine now? What if I want 6 months?
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