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4 years ago  •  1 subscriber No answers
4 years ago  •  2 subscribers 1 answer
Tell me a good hotel, not very old and the location itself, so that the restaurants are not very expensive and in the evening so that it is not boring ...
5 years ago  •  2 subscribers 2 answers
In Indonesia, in Alfamart shopping centers, there are WizPhone WP006 vending machines. Its price is 99000 IDR (6.95 USD). Whoever has the opportunity, buy it. I will pay for its cost, the cost of delivery in Ukraine and I will add a little on top :)
5 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
People share your travel experience in Bali? Does anyone have a phone no. good guide and apartment or what hotel is good? What is interesting to see in Bali?
6 years ago  •  6 subscribers 8 answers
Who has experience how to travel independently in Bali? Who can share their impressions and orient on the area, prices, housing in Bali? We have a group of friends - 8 people
6 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
Namely: in what form to carry (in packages, with instructions, the quantity of each item), where to carry (baggage or hand luggage), and whether it is necessary to make an inventory or declare ordinary over-the-counter drugs in order to avoid problems at customs.
6 years ago  •  1 subscriber No answers
Esli mi hotim poehat v park slonov, nado brat exkursiu or vzjat taksi a ta zaplatit pri vhode?? Leela N.
6 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
Yoga class at the hotel
9 years ago  •  1 subscriber No answers
Tell me, please, who knows. According to reviews, upon arrival at the hotel they take a deposit of $ 300, the amount is not small. If this money is not drawn out during the stay at the hotel, then in what currency is the balance returned - in local or in the one that was given at the beginning, for example, in $ or €? Thanks in advance for your replies.
10 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
We will allocate 20 days to Beli. We would like to spend 5-6 days on excursions. Advise which one to take? The rest of the days on the beach - you can have a couple of places. What do you advise, what beaches?. Maybe someone knows Russian-speaking guides who will help in organizing.
10 years ago  •  8 subscribers 22 answers
Hello! I want to ask a question regarding housing on Moyo Island. I read that there is only one hotel there, I didn’t find any information about guesthouses. And another question about the flight, there is a direct flight from Denpasar, but no matter how much I entered the name of this island, the e-search does not show anything, maybe there is something special the name of the island or airport? Thanks.
10 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
My spouse has a hard time with flights, is it necessary to fly with a transfer? And how long does the actual flight take?
10 years ago  •  5 subscribers 6 answers
who rested in this hotel what service, beach
10 years ago  •  1 subscriber No answers
We need a driver who speaks Russian. The first day of the hour at 4, the second day of the hour at 6-8. Payment is reasonable.
10 years ago  •  5 subscribers 4 answers
Hello, we want to relax in Bali in the summer in July or August, before that we were in different countries, for the last 4 years we flew only to Thailand, but now I want to see Indonesia. We always flew from a tour operator, and now we think we can book a hotel and flights ourselves, because maybe it will turn out cheaper, if someone flew like that, tell me on which sites they booked the hotel and in general the details, how much the price was, we want 12 days, a 3-4 star hotel, preferably in a place where there are no strong tides - low tide
11 years ago  •  5 subscribers 6 answers
We are looking for a photographer in Bali to take pictures of us on our honeymoon :)
11 years ago  •  3 subscribers 3 answers
I want a secluded place where there are few people on the beach, not a very old hotel. And it would be possible to hold an inexpensive wedding ceremony /symbolic/
11 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
What spa treatments are available at the hotel? And what are the rates?
11 years ago  •  2 subscribers 2 answers
We want to go to Bali in April for 10-14 days to relax with the whole family of 3 adults and a small one 6 months old. child. We have already rested at the hotel in Nusa Dua, and now we want to rent a villa for 2 weeks. Tell me who did it where to start. Ocean view is not required. Calm area. Thanks
11 years ago  •  10 subscribers 9 answers
Please tell me what month is the best time to fly to Bali? I heard that when we have summer, then it’s the season in Bali, is it so? And how much will it cost approximately for two adults for 10 days
11 years ago  •  2 subscribers 2 answers
I will be 6.12-13.12.13
11 years ago  •  no subscribers No answers
Tell me, is it possible to buy last-minute trips to Bali, like to Vietnam, for example? Or is it always full here?
11 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
Our employee was supposed to fly to the Information Tour Bali-Ubud-Chandidasa-Singapore, 05.11 Singapore a/l. When applying for this tour, we received confirmation from you, then we sent all the documents you required. When registering for the flight, our employee was denied on departure, since the passport expired in less than 6 months (for 3 days). Your employees on the spot, at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, resolved this situation in favor of our employee and took all the blame, assuring that when the head of your company will arrive, all funds for this tour will be returned. At the moment, the situation has not been finally resolved. The application was submitted in any form by e-mail. The operator who organized the tour offers a refund of half the amount, we do not agree with this.
11 years ago  •  3 subscribers 3 answers
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