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I'm going to Nha Trang, I wondered if it's customary to leave a tip in Vietnam?
And if so, how much?
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6 subscribers  • asked 2019-11-194 years ago
Answers  •  8
аватар ollennka
Tips are not refused in Vietnam). How much is up to you, depending on how much you liked it. I left 5 to 15 percent of the bill in restaurants, and change for taxi drivers if the amount was within the same limits.
аватар Elenka08
I did not have time to visit all the countries of the world, but I am sure that no one will refuse a tip anywhere
аватар AllOverTheWorld
Elenka08, in my experience, in Andorra, it is strictly forbidden for maids in chain hotels to take tips, that is, it makes no sense to leave them
in China, the tipping system is generally not in favor ;)
аватар ollennka
There is definitely one country where tipping will be taken as an insult - South Korea.
аватар Elenka08
Girls, thank you. I didn’t know about such incidents ... (thoughtful smile)
аватар AllOverTheWorld
By the way, I also read about Japan that tourists don’t need to leave tips at all, and it stuck in my head that the Japanese themselves can leave tips in rare cases, and at the same time, tips are given in advance)
аватар elshina-anfisa
We haven't left tips anywhere for years.
аватар Batiy
I asked a question about one country, but they enlightened me about several at once. Thanks))
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